Meet Queen

My story is an unbelievable one. This for me is more like a fairy tale, I remember attending the Iziko labahlali workshop, thinking that it was just a waste of time. I was not committed at first. We have had a lot of people that came into our community and promised us a lot, but nothing ever materialized. The workshop made me reflect on my journey in life. Looking back at my life was painful, there were some painful moments I had buried that I never wanted people to hear about, and reflecting on them, gave me a different perspective and I was able to put my past behind me and build from the mistakes I had made. I am now an integral part of GirlStuff, like many of my friends I have the skills I never had when we started, and I can now support my daughter, whom I want to give everything I never had. Thank you Girlstuff for providing opportunities to us woman in Bergnek, we can now put food on the table for our loved ones May this project grow to be a successful business that will help employ more people in and around the community


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